Tucker’s First Sloppy Joe

Tucker had his first sloppy joe the other day. I wasn’t going to give him any, but Jackson reached over and threw one on his tray. Before I could stop him, Tucker shoved the entire sandwich in his mouth. He was so happy I decided to let him keep eating it. He ate almost the entire thing!
This talk of eating brings me to another subject: Emotional eating. Last night, for the first time, I ate 3 cookies – purely because I was upset. I wasn’t hungry at all. Seth had talked to the parent of an old classmate when he was at Fleet Farm last night and came home asking me questions about high school. Never a good idea. Not that high school was horrible, but didn’t every one’s most embarrassing moments happen in their high school years? After that, even if it is embarrassing, no one really cares. Well, Seth had told this guy that I went to Hillcrest and his only knowledge of me was one of my most embarrassing moments. I think the reason that I was so upset was because it could have been totally avoidable except I chose to do it to make three other people, that I loved very much, happy. It was embarrassing enough at the time; and I remember people talking about it, but I thought it would have been buried in the past by now. Little did I know that some old fart would still remember it!
It’s been 7 years since graduation and I had glossed over my memories to only include the best parts. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part Hillcrest was a great experience, but that memory set off a whole string of memories (including one involving this man’s son) and suddenly I felt anxious, upset, and every awkward and embarrassing moment seemed to come back to me at once. Think “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” except I wasn’t even as cool as they were. It doesn’t help that Seth, upon my admission of guilt, laughed hysterically.
Those cookies never had a chance.
I don’t know if I will make a habit of downing cookies every time I’m upset, but there’s nothing like a warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookie to make you happy! So, here’s to embarrassing moments – at least we can enjoy something delicious when we have to relive them!

Wasting Time

Here I am wasting time again. I am on a break from school and have become very, very good at wasting time (I now have my Associates in Forensic Accounting, by the way). I had planned to get so much done on my two-week break, but instead the boys and I went to Florida with my dad and so far this week is more than half over and I still can’t bring myself to even fold the clothes that are in the dryer from yesterday! School starts again on Monday (on to the Bachelor’s) and I have a sneaking suspicion that I will probably still be firmly planted on the couch surfing the net while my devoted husband trots off to work! Haaahaaa! Wait, I’ll probably still be in bed! 8:00 is too early morning for me. Gone are the days of automatically getting up at 6, now I can barely bring myself to roll out of bed by the time Seth leaves for work. Good thing he doesn’t eat breakfast because I would never be up in time to make some for him.

In other news, Dale and Collette are buying a house and are closing on the 18th. I think they are moving out, but I haven’t heard yet if their stuff is moving with them. Seth has mentioned something about having a bonfire on the 19th…….Excuse me I think an evil chuckle would be appropriate now…….

In all reality, we are really going to miss them. It was so wonderful to have live-in daycare while I was working! Any other little inconveniences are completely overshadowed by that! I know Jackson will miss them a lot. What kid wouldn’t love having his grandparents live with him?

Well, I hear a messy office calling my name, but even louder than that is a piece of cake in the kitchen….which leads out to the deck, which will probably lead to some sunbathing….Hmmmm. I think the office might end up staying messy a little longer.