Just Some Pictures

Here’s Tucker and Bella (Grandma Lilly’s holding them)
Try getting Jackson and Cambria to look at the camera at the same time!
Seth with some geese. I have no idea who’s dog that is, maybe Hognesses? Anyway, it looks like it’s about to hurl.
Jackson on his way over to the neighbor’s

Things have been pretty quite around here.
Jackson has learned how to climb on top of his dresser, so that adds an interesting element to naptime.
Tucker has decided that walking is much too scary and has continued to crawl.
I am rejoicing.
Two mobile children might be more than I can handle. I have to go to Fargo this morning for an orthodontist appointment and for the first time, I don’t have someone to help me with Jackson and Tucker. I’ve been pretty lucky to be able to either drop one of the kids off with a grandma or take Rachel or David with me. Now that Rachel has her own baby and David is in school, I am on my own. I see all of these other mothers with two, three, even four children and they seem to have no problem. I, on the other hand, can’t even make it across a parking lot with my children.
Here’s our normal routine: I jump out of the car, grab my purse, get Tucker out of his carseat (he’s already outgrown an infant seat) run around to the other side and get Jackson out (if he hasn’t already unbuckled himself). Next, Jackson tries to open the door of the car next to us, I grab his hand, he turns into a slippery noodle and falls on the ground. I let go of his hand because I’m paranoid that I’ll pull his arm out of the socket if I don’t. Then I get him turned in the general direction that we’re going and we make it about 3 feet before he runs out in front of a car. When he sees that a car is coming, he squats down directly in it’s path and says, “Oh no! A car!” I then try to grab him with my free hand to pull him out of the way. He sees me coming and runs the other way. Everyone in the parking lot is laughing as I chase him – trying not to drop Tucker in the process. I usually end up carrying both of them. Last week I forgot my sling when we went to the grocery store and ended up putting Tucker in my purse so that I could strap little runaway Jackson into the cart. I have no idea how those other mothers do it. I just hope that Tucker runs a little slower than Jackson when he’s older! We’ll see how easy it is to hang onto both of them today while I get an expander yanked out of my mouth.
Mmmm. Hot, fresh, buttery, rolls
Tucker’s first taste

Good stuff!
I made bread today and Tucker liked it so much that he decided to walk! Okay, it was only two steps, but that’s pretty close. I let him have a bite of the roll and when I took it away, he tried to chase me. His usual mode of transportation is anything on wheels, like this Tonka truck. He’s been practicing standing by himself, so it’s just a matter of time before he starts walking. I don’t know if I should be excited or sad. He’s my baby………WHAT IS THAT FOUL SMELL????!!!!!!
Jackson just filled his pants, so that’s all for now, folks!