Wasting Time

Here I am wasting time again. I am on a break from school and have become very, very good at wasting time (I now have my Associates in Forensic Accounting, by the way). I had planned to get so much done on my two-week break, but instead the boys and I went to Florida with my dad and so far this week is more than half over and I still can’t bring myself to even fold the clothes that are in the dryer from yesterday! School starts again on Monday (on to the Bachelor’s) and I have a sneaking suspicion that I will probably still be firmly planted on the couch surfing the net while my devoted husband trots off to work! Haaahaaa! Wait, I’ll probably still be in bed! 8:00 is too¬†early morning for me. Gone are the days of automatically getting up at 6, now I can barely bring myself to roll out of bed by the time Seth leaves for work. Good thing he doesn’t eat breakfast because I would never be up in time to make some for him.

In other news, Dale and Collette are buying a house and are closing on the 18th. I think they are moving out, but I haven’t heard yet if their stuff is moving with them. Seth has mentioned something about having a bonfire on the 19th…….Excuse me I think an evil chuckle would be appropriate now…….

In all reality, we are really going to miss them. It was so wonderful¬†to have live-in daycare while I was working! Any other little inconveniences are completely overshadowed by that! I know Jackson will miss them a lot. What kid wouldn’t love having his grandparents live with him?

Well, I hear a messy office calling my name, but even louder than that is a piece of cake in the kitchen….which leads out to the deck, which will probably lead to some sunbathing….Hmmmm. I think the office might end up staying messy a little longer.

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  1. This sounds so much like me…..hehe. I will have a list of stuff to do and I will do some of it and then get distracted by the tv, some random photos, a phone call, or food and then all goes out the window. You’re no the only one that does that. LOL!

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