Netflix and Snowboarding

It was snowing yesterday but not too cold. I almost did my long run outside, but Seth got Netflix up and running on our basement tv so I opted for the treadmill, a movie and a phone call with my sister, Rachel.


Here’s the view that I have while foam rolling and stretching after a run. The horses behind us make for a nice rural feel until the weather warms up, then the horse poo gets a little pungent and it’s just rural.


We brought these two to Costco earlier in the week…..hijinks ensued.


The boys also had student led conferences. That means the student leads his or her parents through a customized script that they have prepared ahead of time to showcase their achievements. It was so cute.


Jackson even had a laptop and a couple of presentations that he had created in his Google classroom. He was so serious and professional.


Jackson is also still going strong on the climbing lessons. He was only signed up for the month of February, but I’m seriously considering signing him up for March too.


And, some random pictures because I thought they were funny. A fake Mercedes in the Home Depot parking lot.


Ruger prior to his haircut; tuft, slobbery nose and goofy smile.




And now, back to your regular scheduled programming:

We, and by we I mean Seth, watched the clearance rack and bought snowboards, boots and bindings for both boys over the course of a month at a great discount and took them out for the last two weekends.


We drove up to Rabbit Ears and found a spot just off the highway for their first time. There was no way I was going to pay if they ended up hating it.


They loved it and we all had a blast.




We drove up to Snowy Range in Wyoming last weekend and spent the afternoon practicing but I didn’t get any pictures of that.

As far as running, I’ve stuck to my plan except for skipping my 11 mile long run last Saturday for a 31 mile bike ride with Seth and a 3 miler the following Monday. I’ve tried to be good about cross training and especially about stretching but Ruger hates it. He always lays across my yoga mat and pretends that he can’t hear me telling him to move. I don’t remember what yoga sequence I was doing here and didn’t save the link, but it wasn’t that great so you’re not missing anything.


Here’s a breakdown of my runs for the last two weeks:


Sunday: Rest, Monday: 3.4 miles, Tuesday: 5.13 miles, Wednesday: 3.2 miles, Thursday: Rest and that stupid yoga workout I mentioned earlier, Friday: 5.24 miles; Saturday: 31.13 mile biking


Sunday and Monday: Rest, Tuesday: 4.6 miles, Wednesday: 3.45 miles, Thursday: 10 minute arms (holy arm hurt) and 10 minute core yogaFriday: 5.38 miles, Saturday: 7.07 with at least 1.5 miles walking while I talked to Rachel so I’m not sure how much that counted for a long run.

Looking ahead, I have slightly higher mileage scheduled for this week and will try to get more flexibility and strength worked in as well. I hope everyone has a wonderful week to look forward to!

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    1. I know! He was so serious and professional. He showed us one assignment where he tried to add on to the end of a video asking the viewer to subscribe to make is seem like a YouTube video and it deleted the first part without his knowledge. He got a zero on the entire assignment. I felt so bad, but at least he was being creative and trying to make it unique.

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