Choir Concert and Do You Know Where Cow’s Milk Comes From?

Thursday was a rest day but I did do 20 minutes of light stretching. Tucker and a choir concert that night; those 1st graders are just the cutest ever! Tucker is the one in front wearing the yellow skull shirt.


Friday morning was 5 miles at race pace. I’m shooting for around 9:00 min/mile for the race. You can see from my splits below that I got a little carried away. Pacing is definitely something that I need to work on.

1.0 mi 09:03 min/mi 00:09:02
2.0 mi 08:06 min/mi 00:08:05
3.0 mi 09:08 min/mi 00:09:07
4.0 mi 08:05 min/mi 00:08:04
5.0 mi 08:23 min/mi 00:08:22
5.2 mi 08:50 min/mi 00:01:46

Today was an 8 mile long run and here are my splits for that:

1.0 mi 09:56 min/mi 00:09:55
2.0 mi 11:20 min/mi (Ruger stopped to poop) 00:11:19
3.0 mi 09:05 min/mi 00:09:05
4.0 mi 09:21 min/mi 00:09:20
5.0 mi 09:03 min/mi 00:09:01
6.0 mi 09:15 min/mi 00:09:14
7.0 mi 09:33 min/mi 00:09:32
7.8 mi 09:56 min/mi 00:07:33
8.2 mi 01:39 min/mi 00:00:02

My phone shut off again at exactly 7.70 miles. The poor old thing couldn’t handle me checking my distance and changing Pandora stations at the same time. I didn’t bother updating the map on mapmyrun but their distances aren’t that accurate anyway and I ran mostly straight home so it should be close to 8 miles or a little more.

Oh, and Jackson has decided that he no longer wants almond milk. He was really upset about it one night and demanded that I start buying him regular “cow penis milk”. What the?!??! We had a good laugh about that one.

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