Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween! I started the day off with an easy spin bike workout but…made the mistake of taking a pre workout before. My left eye squinted up more than usual and my skin was crawling! Definitely learned my lesson. Also, I’ve noticed that my nose looks worse than it used to or maybe I’m just noticing it more. The orthodontist who fixed my teeth ten years ago asked if I had a traumatic injury to my face as a child because my facial structure was so messed up. Nope….. some things are natural. 🙂 My feelings about school drop off and garbage day. Something that is normally not a problem was a complete struggle for some reason. The rest of the day didn’t get much better. Until it was time to trick or treat!! Don’t they look fierce? Seth and I stayed home to hand out candy while the boys trick or treated with their friends. They really do grow up fast! Dentist appointments followed today and both boys have cavities. Shocker. They brush daily but their technique is obviously atrocious. Also, fidget spinners are no longer cool. The new hot fidget toy is a baliyo pen.