He may look sweet and innocent, but this little guy is fast when it comes to getting what he wants. I spent this morning pulling him off the kitchen counter, table, from behind the tv, and then repeating it all over again. I’ve pulled him from behind the tv three times already while I was downloading these pictures. He’s finally distracted enough by Jackson’s tee ball set to let me finish. Take the other night, for example. It had been dumping snow all day, so Seth shoveled off the deck while I gave the boys a bath. He not only shoveled the deck, he also called in some black birds which he promptly shot. Jackson had to check them out, so I opened the door.
Tucker saw a golden opportunity and ran out the door as though his pants were on fire.

It’s a good thing that he insisted I put his Thomas sandals on after his bath or his little tootsies would have been really cold!