Remember my little cleaning binge? Remember how I washed my walls with Pine-Sol, scrubbed my shower with CLR, and banished vinegar to my kitchen countertops?

Well, I missed a spot.

Seth’s parents and his grandma, Lilly came over yesterday. See the couch in the picture? Lilly and I were sitting on it while I nursed Tucker when she happened to put her hand in the crack between the cushions.

Imagine my embarrassment when I heard the unmistakable CRUNCH of dry crumbs under her fingers! Later, when no one was looking, I peeked between the cushions and found an impressive stash of crumbs. I’m on my way to clean them out right now, but first I should probably wipe the peanut butter and jelly from my kitchen windows.

And just in case you were wondering – I know why I have ants now.