We were late for church yesterday (surprise, surprise) so we ran in the side door, chucking Jackson and Tucker in the nursery door on our way past and then had to sit 4 rows from the front of the church. 4 ROWS FROM THE FRONT!!!! Not that it’s a bad thing, but even 4 rows from the back is usually too far up for us. I have done my share of front row sitting while growing up. My parents seemed to have a fondness for sitting up front. There’s nothing like knowing the preacher is watching you to make 6 little kids sit still.


Maybe I should try that with my kids.

Anyway, we were sitting there listening to the pastor talk about children, of all things, when I hear a little voice calling, “Mama? Mama?”

“How cute,” I thought. “Some little kid is looking for his parents.”

“He sounds just like Jackson.”

I turned around and it was Jackson! He had come as far as the pew behind us and was turned around scanning the church, looking for us and starting to look upset. The front of his shirt was soaked, so he must have made a stop at the water fountains before heading into church.

Turns out one of the nursery helpers left a gate open and he snuck out when no one was looking.

He climbed right over the top once when he didn’t want to be in there. I thought he liked the nursery, but I guess I was wrong.

Jackson will be 3 in March, so maybe we should start sending him to children’s church instead. He might find that a little more interesting. Although, they don’t have gates on those doors…..