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Marathon Training: Week 10 & Week 11

How has it been two weeks since my last post already!?! I was really planning to post at the end of every training week, but it’s just not happening. Here’s a quick rundown of training progress:

Week 10 (April 3-9)

Sunday: Off (7 miles scheduled, but I didn’t get any of them in)

Monday: 4X1200 on the treadmill that went like this:1 mile warm up, 4×1200 @ 7.7, 7.8, 7.9, 8.0, 2 mile cool down. 7 miles total.

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 8 mile tempo. 1 mile warm up, 8 miles @ 8:28, 1 mile cool down. 10 miles total.

Thursday: 5 easy miles

Friday: 8 easy miles

Saturday: 10 easy miles on the treadmill

Total Week 10 miles: 40 

Week 11 (April 10-16)

Sunday: 5 easy miles on the treadmill

Monday: 1 mile warm up, 4X1 mile (8:24, 8:11, 8:19, 8:05), .25 cool down. 6 miles total.

I was supposed to do 6X1, but overslept and then only had time after work to fit in 4 on the treadmill.

Tuesday: Off (40 minutes easy on the spin bike)

Wednesday: 8 mile tempo. 1 mile warm up, 8 miles @ 8:28 average, 1 mile cool down. 10 miles total.

Thursday: 5.15 easy miles

Friday: .46 miles (8 on the schedule, but Ruger only wanted to walk and I felt sick so we went home and back to bed).

Saturday: 16 miles on the treadmill (10 before my hair appointment and 6 after, followed by 15 minutes on the spin bike). I planned to add 4 on to the last 6 to make a total of 20 because I was feeling down on myself for missing Friday and not getting all of Monday’s workout done, but I was ready to be done at 16 so I stopped.

Total Week 11 miles: 42.61

Anyway, since we last talked, Ruger and Coco visited the groomers and came back looking like new.  I didn’t even recognize Coco without all of her hair! She will not stand still for anything.

The boys and I went for a bike ride in Fort Collins but I forgot their helmets so we didn’t go far. We were still yelled at by an angry old white man for not wearing helmets. I bit my tongue and didn’t tell him that his jorts were fugly. My sister texted me about chafing so I sent her a picture of my bodyglide and included my dirty fingernail. Note to self: Move personal hygiene to the top of priority list.Seth ordered a case for my bow which makes me feel like a serious sportsman.

The boys always ride the penny ponies at King Soopers but they might be getting too big. It makes me so sad!Speaking of ponies: I added some sweet My Little Pony socks to Seth’s Amazon cart one evening and then sat back and waited until I heard, “What the….?!?!” from the other room. They magically showed up a couple of days later and I’ve had to hide them from Tucker who thinks they should belong to him.
Jackson said he was sick one morning before we left for school and work. He then proceeded to throw up nine times between 8:00 and noon. He finally fell asleep for over an hour and a half and woke up completely fine. I thought it might have been the dinner that I served the night before but Seth and I only felt a little nauseous over the next couple of days and Tucker was perfectly fine, so maybe it was a virus.
We have a new archery range nearby and have been using it a lot. I stand on the other side of the picnic table in the picture below and shoot at the closest target. Seth of course stands back at the fence and still hits the tiny little sticker on the furthest target.
Last Saturday was supposed to be an epic storm and a birthday party that the boys were invited to was postponed but, a little snow didn’t keep us from a hair appointment . I split up my long run so that I could sleep in and still get my hair colored.
What else? I traded my ten-year old car for an Accord last week. It’s amazing purely because the heated seats work and it reads my text messages to me. Seth and I literally drove it around the block twice while he sent me silly texts and my car read them. We were laughing so hard that it had to be the best ab workout ever.I also have a spin bike now so I’ve been jumping on that every couple of days for 15-20 minutes of easy riding. There are a ton of YouTube spin workouts that I’m dying to try but this running thing is kind of taking up all of my mornings. By the time I get home from work and make supper, I’m ready to sit on the couch and drink!Coco is intrigued by the bike and loves to watch my feet moving the pedals.

I got this email reminder on Saturday for the Steamboat marathon and cannot believe that it will be here in less than 7 weeks! I am beyond excited to go back and give it another shot!
Alright, I’ll try to be better about posting my training in a more timely manner, but no promises!

2016 Marathon Training: Week 2

15 miles total for the week. Here’s how it worked out:

Monday: 2 easy miles @ 9:26 average. I played around with the incline a little, but it was such a short run, that it was over quickly. This is the only 2 mile run scheduled for the training cycle, so I’m going to appreciate it and remember how badly I wanted to keep going  when I’m in the middle of a long tempo run and dying to quit. Tuesday: Off

No running and I really didn’t do anything else unless we can count taking the stairs on my way to work.

Wednesday: 3 easy miles…..outside!!!!

It’s finally a little lighter out in the mornings and I’m loving it.

Ruger hasn’t been out of the house or backyard for so long, other than our short walk last weekend, that he seemed a little confused about what exactly we were doing.

He got over it as soon as he saw his first rabbit.
 Thursday: Pilates in the morning and 3 easy treadmill miles after work at a 10:20 pace. I always set the incline to 1%, but sometimes play around with it a little to help pass the time.

Friday: 3 easy miles at  9:52 on the treadmill……again……

Saturday: 4 easy miles at 10:08 on the treadmill. I was going to run outside, but the sidewalks and street were as icy as a skating rink. I made it from my front door to the street, slipping and sliding, and immediately turned around and skated back up into the house.     Seth sent a flower arrangement to my work for Valentines Day and my dad sent the boys cards and $5!img_1467They were super excited!img_1468And last, but not least, I scored a super sweet deal on a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 18’s at DSW yesterday. I’ve had two pairs of the Wave Creations in the past that I loved before I started wearing Brooks Pure Project shoes, but I need something that will last a little longer for this training cycle and these should do the trick.   Don’t forget to enter the Running Belt Giveaway in the previous post! There’s 2 more days left to enter!

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