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Minnesota Trip

Two weeks before Christmas, the boys and I flew to Minnesota to surprise my family. All of my brothers and sisters were going to be in the same place at the same time – that’s an event that I couldn’t miss!

Jackson looks a little nervous, but I swear he was excited.

Both boys were amazed at the frost covering the windows inside our rental car. They were even more amazed when I showed them how to make a fake footprint and happily began to cover the back windows. I’m sure whoever got to clean that car appreciated all of the greasy hand prints.I took them through the Burger Time drive thru and they both fell in love. Jackson told everyone he met about Burger Time and how much he loved it.

After a quick stop at Target for presents and the all-important Five Nights at Freddie’s plushies, we checked into our hotel and then went over to my mom’s. It was so much fun to surprise everyone! Rachel was speechless, and that is a feat in itself ;).

One of my cousins was getting married so we drove across the border to ND for the wedding and to see my Grandma. Isn’t she the cutest? I wanted to cry when I saw her. She is the sweetest, kindest, person that I know.And we got to see my aunt, who let me watch Cinderella as much as I wanted, ride ponies, play with dogs, and chase fainting goats when I was a kid.

The next morning, we went to church with my family and got to see one of my nephews sing Christmas songs (he’s hiding in the back in the green shirt). Then, back to my mom’s house for lunch and presents and the first picture with all of the grandkids. 

After presents, the boys went sledding on the same hill that I used to sled on (That’s my high school and the church Seth and I were married at behind Jackson).

I rode down one time with the boys and that was plenty for this old lady. It was cold!

It felt so “right” for all of us kids to be together with our mom; probably because we were all together non-stop when we were homeschooled. Side note: I’ve thanked my mom on more than one occasion for not drowning all of us in the bathtub. My two boys are all that I can handle – I’m not sure how she spent all day, every day with us.

I finally let the boys go to the pool after dinner on our second night and they were ecstatic. 

Pizza delivered to the room at midnight and getting to eat in bed? Living the dream.

The next morning was more swimming and my dad came over to hang out.More Five Night’s at Freddy’s. The boys weren’t excited at all……
We spent the rest our time with Seth’s grandma, Lilly who is hilarious and so much fun. She lived near us in Colorado for a while and the boys have missed her tons.Then, one last stop at Burger Time before going back to the airport and then home.Now, let’s talk about what my running looks like:

After the Fall Equinox Half in September, I took it easy through October and November with short runs 1-3 times/week, threw in some strength training, went hunting for the first time, and then decided to get serious about my fitness goals for 2017.  Garmin Connect has several types of training plans that can be customized and sent directly to my watch. I decided to do the 12 week “Improve Your Fitness” plan with the intention of training for shorter races in the spring/summer and then a fall marathon.

So far, I am loving it! Runs are dictated by time rather than distance so it really helps me to stay slow on my easy runs. If I have a specific number of miles to run, I end up running them too hard on the days that I’m time-strapped.

In addition to different types of runs of 30-40 minutes (intervals, hills, and easy) and a long run, the plan calls for different kinds of crosstraining. I’ve been living under a rock and had to google “body conditioning”. The first 20 minute YouTube workout that I found was horrible…….I thought I was going to die. My heart felt like it was going to explode and I couldn’t make it all the way through some of the sets. It became very apparent that I need to put some serious work into my overall fitness. Too bad, I only like running.

Anyhoo, I’m starting to look at races near me and will be plotting and planning out the year over the next couple of weeks…..or maybe I’ll go crazy signing up for races this weekend. Who knows!

Summer, Summer

Wow! Since going back to work in June, I have been horrible about updating my blog. As the other alternative to chronicling our lives would be to scrapbook (excuse me while I puke) I have decided to add a little here and there.

My mom and youngest brother, David came out to visit at the end of July which just happened to be Seth’s first weekend off since April. We brought them up to Rocky Mountain National Park and did some hiking. The boys were so excited to see them and even more excited that beloved uncle “Abu” was going to spend the rest of the week with us and fly home the following Saturday.

I have included a picture of Seth’s Jimmy for posterity. This was taken on the weekend that we went to RMNP and Seth was halfway through repainting it. He did finish and it looked nice, but then he went to North Dakota to haul sugar beets this fall and totaled it. Nice story, Anna.
Moving on.
My younger sister, Rachel was delivering a car from Arizona to Canada for Dad, so she was able to pick David up at the end of the week and we got to spend the day with her.
We met Leah and her girls at Chipotle and we all got to spend some time together.
I used this picture of Rachel and Leah, not because it is the most flattering, but because I think the guy in the background looks hilarious. Seriously, was he posing?
Anyway, now that both of my parents, two of my brothers and one of my sisters has been out to visit, that leaves Tina and Eddy as the only family members who haven’t made it out here yet (hint, hint!).
We’re driving up to Minnesota next week for my cousin Paul’s wedding and my entire family will all be together for two days. I can hardly wait to see everyone!
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