Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween! I started the day off with an easy spin bike workout but…made the mistake of taking a pre workout before. My left eye squinted up more than usual and my skin was crawling! Definitely learned my lesson. Also, I’ve noticed that my nose looks worse than it used to or maybe I’m just noticing it more. The orthodontist who fixed my teeth ten years ago asked if I had a traumatic injury to my face as a child because my facial structure was so messed up. Nope….. some things are natural. 🙂 My feelings about school drop off and garbage day. Something that is normally not a problem was a complete struggle for some reason. The rest of the day didn’t get much better. Until it was time to trick or treat!! Don’t they look fierce? Seth and I stayed home to hand out candy while the boys trick or treated with their friends. They really do grow up fast! Dentist appointments followed today and both boys have cavities. Shocker. They brush daily but their technique is obviously atrocious. Also, fidget spinners are no longer cool. The new hot fidget toy is a baliyo pen.

Last Week

I may have been MIA around here lately, but I’ve been having too much fun enjoying the great outdoors! I have a handful of draft posts started from the last several months……or year…..so I’ll get those up here to catch all of my (two) readers up. 

Let’s start with this past week first. 

Last Sunday, we hiked near Cameron Pass to pick up some game cameras that Seth put up a week earlier. As usual, the boys put up a big stink about having to leave the house. As usual, they had a great time. On Monday, Jackson registered for 6th grade! He is so excited to be moving to the middle school. I took Tuesday off to go golfing with Seth. He had to go in to work for a bit first so the boys and I ran to the gas station for snacks. Papa and NeNe picked the boys up for a day of fishing and swimming at Red Feather while Seth and I headed to the golf course. No running on Wednesday because I was feeling lazy and tired. 

Thursday was a track workout that felt way too easy. Either because I took two days off running or I didn’t push myself. Who knows. 

It was a hot night with a nice breeze and the kids played the whole time after Jackson ran a lap around the track with me. Sonic for supper after. Mom of the year over here; feeding them supper at 8pm. Tucker said he’s going to buy this card for my birthday. Saturday long run was okay. I started late so cut it short from the 12 miles I had planned. I’ve been feeling a sharp pinch in my gut lately on my long runs. They’re the only runs that I fuel ahead of time for so I’ll have to try something other than toast and peanut butter next time. Sunday, we drove to Lake John. Seth fished while I sat on a lawn chair in the shade listening to ACFE Fraud Talk podcasts. Nerd alert. The boys fished for a hot minute and then switched to catching minnows. That’s it! I hope you’re enjoying summer as much as we are!