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That Time I Went Hunting

I can’t remember if I’ve shared this but, I passed hunters safety a year or two back and this year was my second big game season. I shot a cow elk last year but I think that story is still languishing in my drafts.

Seth took me out in the unit where I had a mule deer doe tag and we started looking.

I brought the Tikka Seth gave me for Christmas last year.

We followed a group for a while but they ran away never to be seen again.

So we went to another spot and waited until a group came out of the trees.

Seth led me on a stalk and we came out of the trees just a few yards away from a group of four does.

They spooked and ran straight at us. I was on one knee with my backpack as a stabilizer and braced against Seth. I shot the chest of one coming straight at me and it dropped.

Mommy bringing home the bacon.

And Daddy doing all of the gross field dressing.

Silent Saturday

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