Saturday Long Run and Where I am This Week

Okay, I know it’s Monday, but I was so excited to share pictures of the deck that I forgot to tell you about my Saturday run. 

I ended up splitting it between outside with Ruger and the treadmill. 

My plan was to run for around 50 minutes and not worry about how I split it up. I started outside with Ruger and ended in front of my house at 3.7 miles. You can see on my watch that my average pace was 10:26/mile.    I tried to keep it nice and easy and wanted to stay in the 10’s but you can see that didn’t quite happen.
 Ruger thought this stump was a rabbit on our run and then was mad when I tried to take a picture of him next to his mistake. 

  My watch will track distance on the treadmill using cadence if I turn the gps off in the settings which is a cool feature. I’ve used my watch enough that the cadence is fairly accurate.
   For runs under 90 minutes, I don’t usually eat ahead of time. I’ll have coffee before and a smoothie after. Next time I make one I’ll show you what I usually put in them. 

This week I’m in Chicago with a colleague for training on a data analytics software that we use at work, so no smoothies. Also, the fitness center is in a creepy basement so I’m doing tabata workouts in my room instead of running. 

Lunch was at  Berghoff’s

  where I had a giant Cobb salad. I’m on what Seth is referring to as a “vegetarian kick” so I asked to keep the chicken off but – oops – I “accidentally” still got the bacon. Shhhh!

The salad looks disgusting but it was actually delicious. I inhaled it.  Supper was mules and sushi at Union. 
 A trusted friend recommended Union so I brought my appetite and tried the black rice sushi roll sampler. It was amazeballs. Oops, three of the rolls were not vegetarian. Meat Monday, anyone? 


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