Random Jumble

So, the following is a random jumble of the last few weeks (running stuff is at the end, so feel free to skip this!).

Tucker made this for me at school – I love everything about that little guy.Seth’s sister needed to find a home for one of her dogs right before Christmas, so we are now a two dog family withe the addition of 9 month old Coco…….or Coco-Shanaenae as we like to call her ­čśë

Seth finished the last part of the fence with some assistance from his little helpers.
We got to hang out with our old neighbors and besties Dallas and Nancy for a night on the town.I miss hanging out with them every night after work. Waaahhh ­čÖüTucker asked for appetizers one night while I was making supper. Olives, pickles, doritos, and hard boiled eggs. I told you this would be random.
Coco doesn’t know “sit” yet, so she tried to copy Ruger at treat time. Nailed it!┬á┬áI was lazy with my holiday baking and only did spritz and cinnamon rolls. This is me sending a mocking picture to my siblings after one of my brothers told our group text that he didn’t have any Christmas cookies. If I was any good as a sister, I would have sent him some, but I’m not that nice.
Christmas morning brought more toys and Nerf guns to the boys than I thought was humanly possible.The day-after-Christmas project was a wall in the basement to hold their collection.

Ruger is┬áa little bummed about having to share Papa with another dog. Poor Papa can’t get away from these two.

 Jackson decided the eye doctor is his new favorite place because they served him hot chocolate while we waited.
┬áRuger made what I’m assuming was a super fun trip to the vet for a neuter. When I called to make the appointment, we were going to have Coco spayed at the same time but she decided to go into heat on the day I called. Now we have to wait 4 weeks. 4 WEEKS, people! Just as an FYI, neutering Ruger did not stop him from trying to take every opportunity to get with Coco beginning about 2 hours after his neuter. Fun times at our house.

Moving on with this randomness, Jackson has suddenly decided to eat everything in sight and his new favorite place is Garbanzo. He begged me to take him there and then proceeded to eat everything on his plate. Also, I adore watching him order in restaurants. He’s so sure of himself, yet so small. I love it!
 Last weekend, I skipped my long run in exchange for a last minute trip to Minnesota to watch the Vikings play the Seahawks.

We stayed with my cousin and I randomly ran into Seth’s cousin, Joy at the Ridgedale mall.

 The game was cold with a temperature of -6 F just before kickoff, but definitely memorable and fun to spend time with Sethy. Nearly all of the empty seats filled in by the start of the game.

┬áSeth braved the below 0 temperature and risk of freezing his mouth to the can for some Grainbelt. When in the north….

After the game, our friend Cole dropped us at a Starbucks and we called an Uber to take us to the airport. As we were waiting, an older man walked out and said, “Ahmed’s on his way!”. Talk about service. Ha!

At the airport, we randomly ran into Seth’s aunt Kim and her husband, John who were returning from an NDSU Bison game that turned out a little better than the Vikings’ did.Last night, we brought my dad’s new car home and tucked it safely in the garage for him to pick up on Saturday. I might have to take it out on a few test drives…….you know, to make sure it’s running fine.
 Okay, now for the running stuff.

In the first part of December, I checked my year to date mileage on Map My Run (I have my Garmin set up to feed over to MMR automatically) and saw that I had less than 50 miles to reach 1000 for ┬áthe year. Easy peasy, except I was looking at all of my activities which included some biking and walking. Merrrrr. I didn’t catch on to this until the last week of the year when I realized that I was over 30 miles short of even reaching 800.

But, what’s 30ish miles, right? You can probably see where this is going.

On the last Monday of the year, I finally decided to go for it and descended into the basement for the next several days.

And I did it!

This year’s goal will be 1,000 miles!

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