Our brand new carpet was installed yesterday and we are LOVING it! It wasn’t our first choice, but when our first choice ended up being about $600 over the estimate that we were given, we decided to go with a cheaper piece that had a smaller pattern but was still stain proof and came with a good warranty.
Pardon the quality of the following photos; they were taken on a phone…
Ladies and Gentleman – The carpet has left the building!
Here’s a shot from the hallway. All of those cords are for the TV that Seth mounted on the wall. He also hid them inside the wall because he’s just awesome like that.
They didn’t do a perfect job with curving the carpet along the wood, but hopefully I will be the only one to notice.
The living room looks so clean now. It’s amazing how the old blue stuff made the room look so dark and dingy.
You can’t tell from the pictures, but the carpet has a pattern of tiny squares. The first one that we chose had bigger squares, but now I’m happy that we went with something a little more subtle. Anything bigger might have been competing too much with the sculpted ceiling. Nobody wants pattern overload!
Here’s a shot facing the front door before Seth moved the table back to the dining room. Does anyone else think it’s weird that people coming into the house basically walk into the dining room and that the closest coat closet is in the hallway on the other side of the living room? WTF? Anyway, that’s just a pet peeve of mine that I’ve never been able to get over. I’m thinking a small table against the wall behind the door might help as people would at least have a place other than the dining table to set purses and keys. A coat rack in the corner is not an option as I cannot stand how cluttery they look. Especially when they have coats hanging all over them!
Back to the carpet….
Here’s another shot with the table moved back into the dining room. We didn’t put the chair on the far end because they boys are usually dragging a chair into the office so they can both sit together when they play computer games. We just left it in the office, but I’m sure it will work its way back out to the dining room eventually. For now, it’s nice to have the table pushed back a little so that it doesn’t stick out so far.
By the way, notice the new color in the kitchen? I waited to post pictures of the finished product because I wanted to get some better ones by using the camera instead of the phone. Long story short, I was too lazy, the kitchen was never clean when I did decide to take pictures and again, I was too lazy.
Anyway, I feel bad for not posting finished shots of the kitchen earlier, so here they are.
Okay, this one isn’t technically of a finished kitchen, but it does show the inside of the new doorway while Seth was smoothing the mud right before I started painting. Notice the walls are still blue at this point.
Aaaaahhhhh, the new greeny gray color is so soothing and refreshing. I love how the floor tiles look so much better. The old blue walls really brought out the mauve undertones in the tile and the grout. This new color makes them appear much more neutral.
(please ignore the bag and bucket of I don’t know what. They have something to do with polishing brass for reloading)
And finally, here is a shot from the entry into the kitchen. It’s not the best picture, but you can see how open it is to the kitchen now. I love how the colors are so neutral and soothing throughout the house also.
I may not have mentioned this, but we painted the exterior of our house last week. I’ll be sure to post some before and after pictures soon!

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  1. Thank you Family Travellers! We are enjoying the new look inside and are plotting our next improvement. My husband is staying home for now to take care of the kids, so it has been a blessing to have him around to work on projects during the day while I’m at work (I’m an internal auditor) or travelling.

    You have a beautiful family (I checked out your blog). 🙂 It’s great that you guys are so committed to spending time together and staying close with your children. We feel the same way about our family and are looking forward to doing as much as we can with our boys as they are growing up so fast!

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