Weekend Update With Seth and Anna

Okay, after trying to load pictures from last weekend three times, I have given up and I’ll just try later. In the meantime, I’ll bore you with our weekend fun!

We met Tina and her husband Eric at the fair in Elk River last weekend to watch Eric compete in a tractor pull (pretend there is a picture of Eric driving a John Deere here). He entered in two pulls, so he gave us pit wristbands which means that we were free to wander around the fair for…free! We did get them mixed up and realized later that Tina and I were wearing the drivers wristbands and Seth and Eric were wearing the crew wristbands. No one seemed to notice though. The boys had loads of fun with G. (pretend there is a picture of the three kids here) and Tina and I had loads of fun stuffing our faces with mini doughnuts (no picture).

After Eric’s last pull we went to Cabela’s for some retail therapy. In case you didn’t know Tina is having a boy, so one of the best ways to prepare for that is to pick out a new gun for Eric, er, the baby. Of course, that means that Seth needed to help. I go for the fudge.

We went out for pizza after that (pretend there is a picture of Tucker and cousin G here). We had so much fun hanging out with Tina and Eric, thanks for inviting us guys!

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